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MBA Part Time
(3 years part time working professional)

Eligilibility Criteria : Graduation in any discipline with working experience

Programme Information:MBA [Part Time]

The Part Time course in MBA is a 3-year programme, with specialization in either Marketing, Human Resource Management or Finance. It is a modular programme wherein students become eligible for a certificate, a diploma and finally a degree after the completion of one, two and three years respectively. The applicant should be a Graduate in any discipline with a minimum post qualification working experience of two years at a supervisory level in any organization. Self employed persons having the above-mentioned qualification and experience may also apply.

The course structure is tabulated below:

Year 1
10100 Business Environment
10200 Principles of Management
10300 Human Resource Management
10400 Managerial Economics
10500 Accounting for Managers
10600 Marketing Management
10700 Financial Management
10800 Quantitative Techniques

20100 Organisational Behaviour 20200 Business and Labour Laws 20300 Business Policy and Strategic Analysis
20400 Research Methodology
20500 International Business
20600 Computer Application and Data Processing
20700 Ethos and Values for Managers 20800 Production and Operations Management

Year 3
30100 Management Information System
30200 Project Work
303X0 Specialization I
304X0 Specialization II
305X0 Specialization III
306X0 Specialization IV
307X0 Specialization V
308X0 Specialization VI

The specialization groups and the related courses are tabulated below:

Human Resource Management
30320 Management of Industrial Relations
30420 Legal Framework Governing Industrial Relations
30520 HRD Strategies and Systems
30620 Compensation Management
30720 Cross Cultural and Global Human Resource Management
30820 Organisational Change and Intervention Strategies

Financial Management
30330 Financial Decision Analysis
30430 Security Analysis, Investment and Portfolio Management
30530 International Financial Management
30630 Management of Financial Services
30730 Corporate Taxation
30830 Working Capital Management

Marketing Management
30310 Consumer Behaviour
30410 Advertising and Brand Management
30510 Marketing of Services and Rural Marketing
30610 International Marketing
30710 Sales and Distribution Management
30810 Strategic Marketing

Each course has an internal assessment of 40 marks and an end year examination of 60 marks. Course 30200 being entirely based on a project study has no end year examinations; as such the internal component is of 100 marks for the said course. The internal assessment is done through sessionals, presentations, assignments, attendance, practicals and /or projects depending on the nature of the course. A student must attend at least 50% of classes in each course to be able to appear in the end year examination as a regular candidate. Those with less than 50% attendance are debarred from appearing in their end year examinations (except under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Centre). Students must score 40% for being declared pass in a course and an aggregate of 45% to pass a year.